finally, my new bbag!! what do you think?

Dec 14, 2006
well i've finally gotten off my lazy ass to take some pictures and upload them, so here they are,
my brand new 07 vermillion city!!! i almost gave up finding them cos they're sold out everywhere but thank god it appeared on wanted to wait for the fall tomato red at first but i realised it's not going to be available any time soon and i can't wait THAT long to get my red bbag so i bought the vermillion immediately! the service was really really good!!! anw i thought vermillion would be a better 'pop' as the orange undertones will make the bag brighter in bright lights, but at the same time, stay true red in natural light.

so here it is! my new baby!:yahoo:

the colour of the bag is amazing! it turns out differently in different lightings! and i can't seem to capture the actual colour of the bag cos it always seemed a little orangey in my photos when it's not!! now i finally understand why some of you complained about not being able to capture the colours of your bbags!!

what do you think??
Dec 14, 2006
the bf ripped open the box even before i got back! :roflmfao:

here's some modeling pics, i'm 5"7, size 0

and finally, my bf carrying my bbag! as you can see from the photos, the colour of the bag changes drastically with lightings! in bright spotlights, it looks orange!!!!


Apr 7, 2007
B-A-Y Area
Love it! I couldn't understand why it was described as orangey:confused1: when my 07' Vermillion First looks so true lipstick red:tup:. Now I see that it captures that way in photos. IRL, it's the most beautiful red. Enjoy your City!!:yes::yes: