new baby. Oak lily [emoji16]

  1. I was indecisive to get this new baby. I love this color since many years ago. I had an oak SBS that I sold it before I dare to carry it out. I’m so scared to ruin the bag with watermarks or scratch. I had a collonil spray with me since 8 years ago and never use it also.

    Now finally I pull the trigger and get this oak lily, although I just bought a similar style YSL niki bag. But this lily is still always in my mind. I love this color, I love this size. Everything seems so practical for my lifestyle. I’m ready to carry the bag and willing to experience how its patina develop over time.

    I just sprayed the bag with collonil. I was so scared just now but it looks fine and perfect after spray! This is my first time treating my bag before use. I’m a happy gal now. Thanks for letting me share. IMG_3982.jpg
  2. Congrats! what a gorgeous bag! I love the Lily bag, and your oak one is so pretty! Enjoy using her!
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  3. My oak Lily didn't spoil with rain. Don't listen to those that tell you these bags are delicate and must be treated with Collonil. Use your bag and enjoy it. It's beautiful.
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