FINALLY! My Muse is here!


Oct 15, 2009
My Large Ivory Muse arrived just this Tuesday (just got time to post today!) after a month of research & waiting! :yahoo:

Thanks to all those who helped me in making my decision...I am really happy with this bag! Best storage for me so things stay organized inside! :biggrin:

Now comes the next question, how do I can clean this if ever I get stain marks? I've read mixed reviews about Apple products? Anyone with an Ivory Muse that used it and was happy? Any tips would really be appreciated! 'Til the next bag-hunting! :P


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Congrats on the bag!! I love the muse in ivory.

My recommendations for keeping the bag clean are:
1. Don't wear denim when you carry the bag - the blue will rub off onto the bag (this was the warning I got from the YSL when I was buying my muse).
2. Treat the bag with Apple stain and rain repellent. It's a spray and wouldn't affect the look/feel of the leather.
3. If you do get stains on the bag, treat it immediately with Apple conditioner. The cleaner is more abrasive but the conditioner will lift the stain without hurting the leather. That's what I use on my muse.

Hope this helps and enjoy your purchase! :smile: