finally, my miu miu is here!!!

  1. FINALLY, after almost 2 months of miu miu nappa spring in cammello is finally here!! :yahoo::wlae:

    the leather is buttery soft and smooshy i :heart: it!!!

    actually i got this a while ago but i was too busy to take photos of my baby, so here it goes!


    my apologies for the bad picture quality for the last 2 photos..the lighting was really bad :sweatdrop:

    anw i'm 5'7, 97lb approx.
  2. congrats, looks great on you!
  3. i love it. Looks fab on you, esp as a messenger!
  4. The bag is large but you wear it beautifully. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Congrats, it's gorgeous on you!
  6. Congratulations...and I love your purse. How much is it?
  7. Wow, gorgeous bag! The leather looks great, and it looks beautiful on you cross-body style. Congrats! :wlae:
  8. Totally worth the wait! So pretty :}
  9. Yum! I love this bag! And you rock it!
  10. you wear it perfectly! YAY!
  11. You wear this bag so well, congrats. The leather looks so yummy. =)
  12. ^^ Totally agree w/ Helena...This is perfect for you!! Congrats!!!
  13. Wow, what a bag! The leather looks gorgeous and it looks very stylish on you. Well worth the wait then...
  14. thanks girls!!!;)

    i paid around 967 USD approx!:yes:
  15. Very pretty and love the last pic- looks great on you!