finally! my metallic gold gaucho is here!

  1. :yahoo::wlae:
    i'm absolutely in love with it :love:
    there are just little gold flecks/sparkles washed onto the leather, it's just sooo brilliant! i'm refusing to leave the house today, so i can spend the day with my gaucho.

    (and a picture of the boy holding my gaucho in the bryanboy pose.)
    gaucho01.jpg gaucho02.jpg gaucho03.jpg gaucho04.jpg gaucho05.jpg
  2. Bag is gorgeous! LMAO at the picture of "the boy" holding the bag.:lol:
  3. Congrats.
  4. Congrats!:smile: its beautiful
  5. <collapses from jealousy>

    LOL! That's the pose from the Dior Gaucho ads!

    I LOVE your gold Gaucho!!! It's absolutely gorgeous! I love your blouse, matches the gold Gaucho so well!
  6. heh, thanks ladies, for all the kind words!

    and yeah, it didn't take much persuading on my part to get him to pose like that. i actually have a picture of myself doing the exact same pose, but i look horrible in it.

    and mayday, i actually saw that top at h&m and thought, I NEED TO GET IT TO GO WITH THE GAUCHO! haha i'm ridiculous.
  7. It's beautiful!

    I'm a bit tired of my red gaucho now and wouldn't mind having another one for Christmas :graucho: . Is it still around £700?
  8. yup it still is around 700quid. i think there's a slight price increase (the whole nov 1st thing) but according to the assistant at dior, it's just a slight increase.
    and funnily enough, after getting the told one, i'm really wanting a red gaucho myself.:graucho:

    oh yeah, speaking of getting another one, they have new additions to the line - metallic straps crocodile skin and all.
    dior gaucho evening.jpg gaucho evening black silver.jpg silver metallic gaucho.jpg light metallic gaucho.jpg
  9. Congrats Gorgeous bag!!!

    I have the large one in the same color BUT looking at yours I think I should have gotten the size you got. Wonderful choice.
  10. heh thanks! i tried on the large/double saddle in red, but it was a bit too bulky for my fat arms. so i had to settle for the medium. ;)

    ooh, you should post pictures of your large one for us to see! i'm sure it's smashing.
  11. Gorgeous bag!! "The boy" is hilarious!! Does he know he's on tPF?
  12. haha, yeah he's my housemate, and i showed it to him. he doesn't really mind though.
    i'd sometimes show him the bags on TPF too and he'd actually comment on them.
  13. Oh my goodness, your Gold Gaucho is simply STUNNING!!! Gorgeous bag! Congratulations!

  14. oh myy.. call me crazy but i never ever liked the gaucho range! BUT after seeing your gold one.. i think im in love!! :love::love::love: its really pretty!!
  15. OMG it's awesome !

    And I love the Bryanboy pose ! ;)