Finally, my manbag back from madison

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  1. I bought this Herbag (pre-owned) a couple of months ago and decided to get it refurbished at Madison Ave before I started using it. Of course that took 6 weeks so I have only just got it back and started using it, instead of the LV Nolita 24 hours I have used for the past year or so.

    I really like the light weight of the Herbag, and while the straps are a bit fussy they remind me each time I have to fiddle with them that I have actually got a special bag.

    When I took it in to Madison Ave it had the small bag on it, but it came back with the big (ie taller) bag on instead (maybe Claude is sending me a message). I have left the taller bag on for now. I would really appreciate opinions on how this bigger size looks. I don't need the big size for what I carry on a daily basis so could do either.

    I quite like the larger size carried handheld (it looks vaguely HACish) but am not sure about it carried messenger style.


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  2. oh. I like it. Although I wonder how cumbersome it is to get things in and out of the bag.
  3. Thanks Allan.

    It is a little fiddly. I am still getting used to it and how to best use it. It is not actually necessary to close the flap and straps every time, the fastener will hold the bag closed (though obviously not secured) with just the flap tucked over and the straps left loose.

    I overpaid for this bag but it has a nice character, the leather and the canvas are sufficiently used to have a little "vintage" look, but not so used that it looks dirty and beaten up.

    Its not an HAC but I think it is a nice bag and I'm glad I got it.
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  4. I like it too, but prefer it handheld as it is quite tall. What size is it please? Also, is it the rubberised canvas or just the normal canvas. Can you give us comparison shots with the smaller bag on? Thanks Matt.
  5. The bag is the version with the 37cm width (measured across the bar). I think that is PM but am unsure.

    With the tall bag on it is around 42cm tall. The base of the bag is wider than the bar, also around 42cm. I think the smaller bag is 30cm tall but will measure tonight.

    Mine is in the rubberised/coated canvas, it has a slightly varnished/sticky surface finish.
  6. Like how you wear it.

    How do you rate the cleaning job for toile?
  7. I really like it on you, especially handheld. It is a tad long messenger style, but overall it's very sharp!
  8. I woul say OK. The toile wasn't particularly dirty but I can't see much difference.

    They did do a nice job of polishing up the barenia though. And Claude did give me a new key for my lock (the bag didn't come with one) and said he will try to find me a new interior clasp piece when he gets back from vacation. So I am certainly not complaining, given that I was only charged $50.
  9. Wow, really does suit you and looks awfully casual yet still sophisticated at the same time, you're onto a winner :smile:
  10. I like the taller bag if it is handheld. The smaller bag will probably look better when it is used messenger style. If I am not mistaken, you can take off the shoulder strap and store it if you like.

    Very nice!

    Did Claude ever confirm if it is Barenia or Vache Naturel?
  11. Thank you. I think you (and others) are right, it looks best handheld in this size. The strap is removable as you say but actually hangs down behnd the bag quite nicely when handheld anyway.

    The dilemma is that I find it useful to be able to sling the bag over when using my hands for emails etc, but the shorter bag looks better worn like this. I guess there is always a tradeoff with these things. I will post some pics with the smaller bag tonight (after completing the famous herbag puzzle) so that people can compare and opine.

    Claude is on vacation so I couldn't ask him about the Barenia vs Vache Naturel this week, but I need to see him about the interior clip when he gets back so will ask him then (if I remember).
  12. Quote: Desperately Seeking Susan

    As long as "Susan" is a 40cm HAC in Black Fjord with PHW....

    ARGH! You know Susan's new price is $9850.
  13. That's a good deal:tup:!
  14. I think it looks great on you.
    $50 is a great price.
  15. Matt, make sure to pick up a Magic Eraser for the Toile. It really is, well . . . magic!