Finally my Mabel is here!!!!


Mulberry Baymaniac
Mar 27, 2008
I got a mail last night saying they have tried to deliver my mabel yesterday but I wasn't at home. I was really amased as I had been at home all day. So I rang them this morning and they delivered mabel today.
When I asked the postman why he didn't deliver yesterday when he said that he had he sad, People are usually not at home so it is much more easy to do like this....GRRRRR

I had great help packing her up.


And I had fun trying her on


I love the color and how lightweight it is. but I can't get the handles over my sholder when wearing my wintercoat, so that is a big dissapointment.
I tried to hang it in just one handle but it still works poorly. I wish it was a longer strap on it like on the rosemarys.
Anyway she is beautiful and time will tell if the handles are a problem or not. I like her a lot but I am not so in love with her as in my bays or east- west bays, but she is a great complement to their styles. In other words, it is not love at first sight, but I will give her a chance and se if we bond.


Superstar DJ
Sep 8, 2007
I dont know what i love more the bag or the cat :coolpics::urock:both are gorgeous.

Hhhahaaha!! I was just thinking the exact same thing!!!!!

I think the bag is lovely,and such a beautiful color too.The Rox is very much the same in relation to the strap length,and its odd,you do get used to having a bag that you carry by arm or hand,ny Ledbury was the same,I felt ever so lady like when I carried it!!
I feel sure that once you have given it a good road test,you'll will get along just fine with it!!


Nov 30, 2006
Hallelulah, it's arrived at long last! It's a lovely colour but I know what you mean about the straps. It's long been a moan of mine about Mulberry, their handles have been too short on a lot of styles to go over a winter coat unless you have arms like twigs.


May 3, 2008

Those postmen... Has happened to me,too. Sat home the whole day waiting for my purchase and in the afternoon I could read on their web site that the delivery was not possible since I wasn't home!!!! It was a Friday afternoon so I guess he just wanted to finish early :smile:.


Jun 7, 2008
:faint: I loooove the color. It's really beautiful Salikons. I'm sorry to hear that it doesn't go over your shoulders. My Mabel fits over my shoulders (when I'm wearing wintercoat too) and I know I couldn't have a bag that didn't. But that's just me.

It might not be a problem for you. Can you get it over your shoulders when you wear a summer jacket?

And the cat, I've said it before ... gorgeous! I might have to take a little trip to the north of Sweden at some point :love: