Finally, my Luxury Bowler in Metallic Black!

  1. After the defective calfskin luxury bowler I got back in late May, I thought it was pretty hopeless to find it again in metallic black.

    But after months of waiting, it's finally going to be here on Saturday! I cannot wait! :yahoo:

    If anyone else is still looking for it, it's avaliable at Saks! You have to pester the SA to search for it in their system. Most don't want to b/c they will have to somehow locate a sku number first.
  2. :yahoo: CONGRATS xochrissie :yahoo: this bag is TDF :drool: i totally love it - its got the number one spot on my WANT list... I'm SO glad you're getting a 'new' one!!!! :wlae:
  3. kewl, be sure to post it up, congrats.
  4. This is definitely my favorite bag! Can't wait to see pictures. I never tire of seeing more pictures of it. :smile:
  5. Congrats! I love the Luxury Bowlers! Be sure to post pics when you get it.:yahoo:
  6. congrats chrissie!!!!!! i'm so happy for u. it's a fab bag! :smile:

    i got mine from Saks too! and she's getting in today! i'm so excited! heehee.
  7. Mine is arriving tomorrow I hope! I don't know why people keep saying this is hard to find. I got one on the first try yesterday at Saks in Boca Raton. Later in the day another PF member called the same store and got one too.
  8. Is yours the medium size? Do you mind I ask how much is it?
  9. Medium is $2160 before tax.
  10. Congrats xochrissie! Oh, how I would love one too!!!
  11. When I ordered, there were still 12 in the inventory system. Give Saks a call! Let me know if you want the SA's number that I ordered from. :yes:
  12. It came, it came! Finally! :yahoo:

    I'm sure everyone is tired of seeing pictures of the luxury bowler but here are some anyway. It's just so exciting for me after waiting for 3 months. (That doesn't sound like a lot now that I think of it. :shame: )



  13. What a beauty!! Congrats!!
  14. Beautiful! It was worth the wait.
  15. Gorgeous bag, beautiful photos!! I cannot wait to get mine tomorrow!!