Finally ... my Latest Additions to the B-Bag Collection

  1. Got the Grenat Weekender a few weeks ago, and the Black Purse about a week or so ago. I'm so glad that I finally got the "Purse" style ... would have preferred a different 'color' (I'm not a Black bag person per se) ...

    The last picture is just a few of my Balenciaga "accessories"; these are the ones that I carry every day:
    • 2004 - Black Compagnon (Wallet)
    • 2004 - Black Shoulder
    • 2004/5 Holiday Collection - Red Metallic Makeup
    2006 Pre-Fall Grenat Weekender - BESTwtmk.jpg 2006 Pre-Fall Grenat Weekender - 1wtmk.jpg 2006-1 Black Purse - Bestwtmk.jpg 2006-1 Black Pursewtmk.jpg Compagnon+Makeup+Shoulderwtmk.jpg
  2. congrats! what do you use your shoulder for?
  3. Grenat Weekender looks great (big & smooshy soft). That's the first Purse I've seen posted in a black... NICE! Congrats again on those bags. Love your little red makeup bag, black wallet & shoulder. Thanks for sharing the pics. :smile:
  4. yowza is all i've got to say, those 2 b-bag beauties are killing me!!! :smash:
  5. Chigirl ... that's funny!! No, seriously ... I find the Shoulder to be one of the most functional and versatile pieces because it's big enough to carry standalone for evening purposes or a quick run out to the store, etc. Especially when on holiday, I will use it at night and attach the Black Planet/Boobie to carry "smaller" items (change, lip gloss, etc.).
  6. GORGEOUS!!! I love the accessories!
  7. I made myself laugh too!

    So you don't use it for everyday in your larger bag??? I figured the makeup was for makeup and compagnon was for money but was trying to figure out if you also put your other stuff in the shoulder.

    Sounds like you travel a lot. I am jealous. I have spent a few years traveling RTW but since December, I haven't left the country. I am definitely getting the itch though.
  8. Gorgeous collection!
  9. Wow love the pretty!
  10. lol (i just got it!!!) :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Great additions CeeJay!
  12. Love that Weekender!
  13. WOW CeeJay ... CONGRATS :flowers: - really GORGEOUS collection :yahoo::nuts:
  14. Your collection is gorgeous !!
    Congrats !! Enjoy them ! x
  15. Yeah, I do use the Shoulder every day ... I put it into my City, Purse, Work or Weekender (whichever one I'm using). The only bag that I can't fit it into is the First.

    I do travel a lot (primarily for business) ... back & forth from the States to Europe (mostly London, Edinburgh, Paris and Amsterdam). I use the Compagnon every day, but always make sure to clean it out (e.g., get rid of the slips of paper, extra cards [Grocery Store card, CVS Card, etc.] that I don't need over there). Depending on where I am (and especially when I go away on holiday), I usually also pack a City bag (heck they are so light ... that's how I really got into the Balenciaga 'craze' in the first place). So, if I'm going out to dinner and it's fancy (London & Paris on business), then I just put the "essentials" into the Shoulder and take out the Credit Cards/Cash and put it in the Shoulder as well.

    I use the Makeup exactly for that ... lip gloss, travel perfume, hand cream, etc. I use this every day as well.

    I also use the "Ghost" (see picture), which I typically put into my Ink Shopper. I use the Ghost for various pens/pencils, etc. because I'm usually reviewing various paperwork on the flight.

    Business Travel may sound glamorous, but believe me ... it gets tiresome really quickly (especially when you are back and forth as I was last year). The only plus ... FREQUENT TRAVEL MILES!!!!
    White Ghost - BESTwtmk.jpg 2006 Pre-Spring - Ink - Shopping - bestwtmk.jpg