FINALLY my Khaki Baby Cabas is HERE...with PICS!!!

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  1. I picked mine up this evening and took pics for everybody who was as anxious as me to get this baby:yahoo: :shame: . It's dark and I don't have the best lighting (the brightest light was in the kitchen and the one in the living room pic I had to use flash). I love this bag:nuts: !!!! BTW, I'm 4'11" and 125 lbs.

    Khaki1.jpg Khaki2.jpg Khaki3.jpg
  2. :nuts: Congrats, I love it!!!
    I just put my name down for one, I hope I'll able to get one. There are so many people on waitlist.....:crybaby:
  3. Thanks for the pics I know everyones been dying to see the pics of this bag in the khaki color! It look gorgeous on you and congratulations once again can't wait to take this baby out and it also fits comfortably with a thick jacket on.
  4. My god, you got yours too, which store did you get it from???? I am still waiting for mine! I am def. going to beverly hill boutique tomorrow! I can't sleep tonight!!!

    I love love love it! Congrats and enjoy!!
  5. By the way... how much??? Thanks :flowers:
  6. I got mine from the Ala Moana boutique in Honolulu--I think I was first or second on the list (and they were only getting 4, I believe):yes: . There were other people there trying on the white BC and I overheard the SA talking about how people all over the U.S. mainland were calling the boutique about the BC bags, then my SA brought out my huge box and took out my Khaki BC and I tried it on and people were pointing to my bag--I immediately said to my SA, "I'll take it":nuts: :yahoo: !!

    You know, I thought others who already got the white and black BC said it retailed for $1795 + tax but mine retailed for $1845 + tax (my total was around $1921) so not sure about the price difference:shrugs:

    Thanks so much!! I'm just so happy and relieved to finally get it:yes: !!

  7. woww so pretty!!!
    im dying for a coco cabas chanel vinyl!!
  8. It looks very nice on you! Congrats!
  9. Here's 2 more pics: closeup with flash and without flash (in the kitchen light):P

    Khaki4.jpg Khaki5.jpg
  10. OMG... so pretty!!! I can't stop looking the pics.
  11. It's freakin' BEAUTIFUL!
  12. wow! it is sooo pretty!! I've been wanting a chanel for so long but I can't decide if i want it classic or the younger, more modern version. ur cabas is sooo chic!
  13. wow congrats! so lucky you got one! I called almost every Chanel in the US to get on a bronze list. But I don't think I will so I settled for black.
  14. It looks as big as my original Cabas!! I love the color and it looks great on you.

  15. Congrats! I love it and it looks perfect on you!