kelly reveal!

  1. Hi everyone
    JAG inspired me to post these pictures!

    Here is my 32 cm black vache liegee kelly with gold hardware. I absolutely love her!:heart::yahoo:
    Thanks for everyone's well wishes in my prior post and I am sorry took me so long to post the pictures. Someone needs to make posting pictures easier! I adore the leather. It is very lightweight, durable and easy to wear! My poor birkin is so lonely these days!

    If anyone is considering vache liegee, GET IT. It is the best!
    resize1.jpg resize2.jpg resize3.jpg resize4.jpg resize5.jpg
  2. She is absolutely beautiful! I love VL in Kellys! You'll get so much use out of this elegant and classic beauty! Congratulations!!
  3. Is it a 32? VL looks like it would be a nice, hardy leather--is it? I am so happy for you! Congrats!
  4. Beautiful beautiful bag, MaggieMoo!

    I adore black sellier kelly! With VL's light weight and durability, she will last you a lifetime.
  5. ooops. sorry, yes she is a 32 cm. I keep thinking about the 30 cm birkin I want and have 30 on the brain!

    Thanks for all of your well wishes and compliments! I truly appreciate it!
  6. YAY! You posted this gorgeous kelly to share with all of us! Congratulations, it truly is a stunning bag! Enjoy in good health!
  7. It's gorgeous Maggie.

    Congrats and enjoy her in the best of health!
  8. Finally! I have been waiting for you to figure out how to post your pictures!!!
    LOL. It is really beautiful Maggiemoo! I really love Vache Liegee.
    I know you said the leather doesn't photograph well;but I think it looks great!
    Black with gold hardware is truly classic!
  9. Yes, Amytude, it is very hardy. I used it on NY eve and on my excursions into NYC shopping and its pristine, no scratches at all (but its only 3 weeks old!) I hear its a very hardy leather, that is why I jumped at the chance to purchase it when my SA called!
  10. Beautiful Congrats!!
  11. Gorgeous! I looove VL!!
  12. looks so shiny!
  13. I know, it does look shiny in these pictures but I would not say its as shiny as box.

    funny because in some lights it appears shiny-like with the flash and in others it does not. Its very multi dimensional.
  14. Beautiful!:heart:
  15. Congrats!!!