Finally!!!!! My Goodies!!!!! (picture time!)

  1. oooh, picture time!!!!!!!

    i was very bad and i've added these beauties to my collection... i got them last week but i have been working alot these couple days but it's the weekend and i'm finally able to share them!!!

    1. white ceramic j12 with diamond markers...
    2. dark brown GST
    3. baby animals diaper bag ($560!!!!!!)
    j12.jpg jj12.jpg baby.jpg brown.jpg
  2. Another bad girl!! Wow, I think I'm gonna faint here :nuts:
    Very excellent choices, congrats and enjoy them!!
  3. oops, ran out of attachments, here are stand alone shots of my brown gst for you ladies to have a better idea of the yummliciousness of the dark brown...

    i will also post pictures of my dark brown bubble flap and black metallic reissue 226 tomorrow!!! so stay tuned!!!!! :p
    gst1.jpg gst.jpg
  4. Yeah, all these bad girls....hmmm....well, better to buy fab bags and stuff than to shave one's head -aka- Brittany Spears!!!

    Congrats Bad Girl!!!:tup:
  5. Every piece looks absolutely fantastic on you, good job!
  6. OMG, there's more to come? :yahoo:
  7. Friday night and all the bad girls are out to post their bags!!:nuts:
  8. OUCH! i'm pinching myself to stay awake to look at these awesome photos of ppl modeling and sharing their bags with us. fab-u-lous!
  9. LOL !!! OMG you are too funny....:p
  10. you guys are so funny!!!!!
    i've been so super bad... i started off telling myself, this summer, i only want a j12... i walked into the store and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
  11. Might just be the understatement of the year...hehehe.

    You sound so innocent bad girl...I'm not buying it, though apparently you did. hahaha.:p

    Congrats, very stunning!
  12. jeshika, mind if I ask where you found the chocolate GST?
  13. it's so lovely by the way! The GST is my #1 favorite chanel bag, it's large, versatile and holds as much or little as you like!
  14. It's my SA Susan's fault really. She kept bringing these goodies out... everytime i thought i was done she would bring something else out and i couldn't resist... and besides, it was egc day...
  15. hi trishaluvslv, i got it at Saks NYC. It was so funny, they brought it up thinking it was the bordeaux, but when we opened it up, it was actually the brown! and all the other SAs were asking, "Is that BROWN?"

    They didn't even know that they had it downstairs!!!!

    And i saw many people looking at her covetously... so that's when i decided that i had to have her! muahaahhahaha....

    and that's how i get in trouble...