Finally My Football Team Wins....Life is Good Now

  1. Ahhhhhhhh after going 0-5 it feels so good to win a game! Even if they played their 3rd string walk-on QB, and we had hardly any yards...who cares! It just feels good to win! And our kids needed this confidence booster! Go IRISH!

    And SC losing also capped off a great evening LOL
  2. Haha awesome :nuts:

    My team (college football) ALWAYS wins :p We're first in the division right now :supacool: And last game they won 51-8 (iirc) !!!! :wlae: It makes for really great game!

    Don't you just love it when they win??!! Ahhhh it's so much fun :upsidedown: Congrats to your team! :yes:
  3. Oh, my I didn't you were a ND sorry ;)
  4. LOL, yes Mary! That is where I currently go to I'm a diehard or lose! My freshman that I teach will be in a much better mood tomorrow though! Winning is always better :smile: