finally! my first.....

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  1. MC CLES.

    i got it from let trade last week. sorry i don't have pictures yet.
    it was super fast shipping and i did't have to pay any duties.

    one thing though, it was more "used" than expected... i don't mind the patina, but the white on both sides are kinda grayish and the sides kind of balloon out. i think the previous owner stuffed the poor little thing. :sad:

    i wiped down both sides of it with a wet nap. it helped just a littlie bit. i know i got a great deal but i can't help feeling a wee bit sad.

    one question to all you cles :heart:ers. what do you guys use it for? as a keychain? coin purse? let me know cuz i have no idea what to do with mine!
  2. Hi Nancypants! Congrats!
    I use mine for keys, ccs and $. My mono and damier ones fit a lot!
    My MC one is lovely, but does not fit as much.
  3. congrats and enjoy! :biggrin:
  4. Congratulations!:yahoo:
  5. Yay congrats.. I love MC!
  6. Congrats!! Great purchase!!!!
  7. if you love it...give it a few good wipes and do not over stuff her she will come back to life for the MC cles..can't wait for your pics..congrats on your new LV baby!!!!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats!:yes:
  10. Hooray! I love the cles! Congrats!
  11. Congrats, Maybe you should try putting it between a thick book?
  12. mine is stuffed with cards/ drivers lic and some change,
    keys attached.


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  13. :yahoo: Congrats!:yahoo:
  14. congrats! i use mine for my keys.
  15. thanks guys!

    bag fetish - thanks for the pics!