Finally - my first RM - matinee in stoneblue/grey

  1. After the long wait she finally arrived safe and sound together with dh from his business-trip.
    I wanted this bag since last summer but had to wait for dh to travel to the US but the wait was so worth it.
    The leather is so super soft, the colour is such a beautiful grey with blue undertones and it's really well made. It easily goes over my shoulder and it's just perfect as an every day bag. I'm madly in love and this won't be my last RM because I want a MAM, too.
    Now I can totally understand the rave about these bags.
    At first I was a bit anxious that I don't love her because I've never seen her IRL before but it was love at first sight for me.:love:
    Image2.jpg Image3.jpg Image6.jpg
  2. Ohh, thats beautiful! The leather looks very thick and pliable, and although I don't see any "blue" in it, I am in love with your bag! Where did your DH get it from?
  3. Beautiful bag :tup:
  4. thank you for your kind words, ladies! I bought it from Museten for about 450$ at the beginning of january and had it send to a friends house and she was so super nice to send it to dh's hotel in Las Vegas 4 weeks later. I'm glad that it isn't a realy blue rather than a grey with blue undertones but I've no idea why it was called stoneblue:shrugs:
    I keep stroking it every now and then because it's so soft.:smile:
  5. That leather looks gorgeous. Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  6. Congratulations, that's gorgeous! Very cute and feminine!
  7. Tanja, congratulations! She is gorgeous. I'm in the same boat -- I purchase the bags online and have them sent to a friend's house, so when my dad flies to the US he gets them for me (which is often, that he is there I mean not when I buy new bags LOL)! So I understand the waiting and the exhilaration you feel when you finally get it :smile:
  8. Tanja she is stunning!! I have seen this one and it is perfect to last through the seasons!!
  9. Wow, that bag had to go through quite a bit to get to you but I'm so happy that you got it and that you love it!

    If I ever entrusted DH to bring a bag back for me that I'd been waiting that long for, I'd attack him as soon as he walked in the door (and NOT for the reason he'd want me to)!!!
  10. :roflmfao: balihai, I'm the same and grab his suitcase the minute he's through the door. I've to remind myself to say Hello because I'm so exited to get the bag.:graucho:
  11. GORGEOUS bag!! The color choice is stunning! Congratulations!
  12. Gorgeous bag! :drool: Could we get a modeling pic? :yes: Please?
    Are the pics already up true to color?
  13. Congrats on a great bag!
  14. That is such a pretty colour! Congrats!
  15. The colour on the 1st pic is true to RL. I'll take modelling pics later when the sun rises.