Finally! My first+last bag of 2007! ((Pictures!))

  1. So I don't buy LV very often and I actually sold my only LV (Bastille) in April this year to help fund my ice skating lessons (which cost soooo much $$$). I've been working my butt off since October so I could make a purchase at the store in Union Square, but I "accidently" made a REP (Random eBay Purchase) so now my store purchase will have to wait until Feb.! I was really trying to focus on buying a different bag at the store, and I told myself I wouldn't purchase used LV anymore but I couldn't resist. I really do love this bag and I could've bought a brand spankin new on but things happen when you cruise eBay!;)
    IMG_0898.jpg IMG_0900.jpg IMG_0901.jpg IMG_0902.jpg IMG_0903.jpg
  2. It's gorgeous......congratulations, what a great way to ring in the New Year !!
    Happy 2008 !!!!!
  3. congrats....beautiful bag..i love damier!
    enjoy it
  4. Congrats !!! I love it... Enjoy !!!
  5. congrats, damier is fab!
  6. Congratulations!! Great way to treat yourself after working so hard! I know what you mean, though, about those expensive ice skating lessons! My daughter did that for three years, complete with two coaches and all the other associated costs. Enjoy your gorgeous Damier!
  7. Getting this Bastille is a great way to ring in the New Year! Yeah, everytime I pay for my lessons plus everything else, I just breathe and tell myself it'll be worth it in the end! I've taken my bag out a couple of times and I just love it :love:
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats :smile:
  10. Enjoy your bag!
  11. Congrats! Great choice.
  12. lovely! congrats!
  13. that is a great bag, congrats! GL on saving up on your next purchase, I am doing the same thing too!
  14. congrats! :tup:
  15. thats gorgeous.