Finally! My first Chanel post

  1. I have been admiring all the bags in this section for quite some time:yes: I have officially been bitten by the Chanel bug.

    Today I received my black caviar east/west with silver hardware:

    A few weeks ago I got this wallet:


    And about a
    month ago I got this Luxe Ligne Tote:


    The Chanel bug bites hard! I am already dreaming about my next purchase:nuts:
    Thanks for letting me share my new goodies:heart:
  2. Wow, and welcome (im a newbie as well).

    Nice goodies!
  3. They are all gorgeous!! you have a great starter collection....enjoy!
  4. Beautiful collection Siri, you are doing really really well already :biggrin:

  5. congrats nice purchases !!!
  6. Congrats!! They are all beautiful!
  7. Love them all! The flap is so gorgeous and the wallet is so cute!! Congrats sweetie!!!
  8. You are a woman of great taste and style Siri - these are beautiful choices and I know just what you mean about the strength of that bug's bite . . .!
  9. Welcome Siri,I can see you're seriously affected too lol!:wlae:
    Great bags to start your collection with:tup::yes:!Congrats!
  10. Welcome! You started your collection with some very nice pieces. Congrats!
  11. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments:flowers:

    I was so excited to try the east/west on, so took a modeling pic:nuts:
  12. love the tote.
  13. Congrats on your new beauties. The modeling pic looks great! Enjoy.
  14. wow! siri you look wonderful with your first flap!
  15. She soooo does! Gorgeous girl ;)