Finally! My first Burberry trench

  1. I finally bought it! :yahoo:
  2. Love it!
    Not a big fan of their bags, but I do like their clothes!
  3. You are very lucky! I have a vintage one I inherited from my grandmother in brown and I plan on buying one in black next winter!

    It will last you FOREVER.
  4. Thank you ladies. I am very happy about it. Shari black also looked very nice but i needed a light colour.
  5. I love that coat, enjoy it.
  6. wow!!it's a passe-par-tout, it will last you forever!congrats:biggrin::yahoo:
  7. Congrats! And that photo shows how you can button it back, or wear it double-breasted, too. Yours is very similar to mine. Mine won't be ready til next weekend though, since they had to shorten the sleeves for me. I love free alterations!
  8. It's a beauty and a great staple to any wardrobe! Congrats and enjoy!
  9. I love that, congrats! Hope to get my first soon also :smile:
  10. Jane yours is beautiful! i ordered it online last night , the smallest size naiman marcus had was 4 , i usually wear size 0 but i think it comes with a warmer and i thought i would be wearing it with a sweater. I hope it will fit and sleeves wont be too long for me.
  11. ooh gorgeous! Congrats!! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks all :smile:
  13. I LOVE IT!!!!So HOT!:nuts: :heart: Congrats!
  14. it's tdf
  15. cute. how much?
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