FIRST Bbag!!!

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  1. hey ladies! so i did go to BalNY and got myself the FIRST in grey! was torn btw getting the First and the even loving the Mini Bowling! it was a tough decision! but i must say i was delighted to see that so many styles are available in BalNY! :nuts:

    just an u prefer the First or the Purse? :p
    31122006123-small.jpg 31122006112-small.jpg 31122006116-small.jpg
  2. gorgeous bag. Congrats.
  3. congrats!
  4. How exciting!!! Congrats!!! I'm sure though that it will be the first of many!!! I definitely prefer the first over the purse! ;)
  5. Excellent choice! Love it!

    I don't have a First yet but really want one. A great going out in the evening bag.

    I have a black Purse Bag and love it. Sits nicely over the shoulder and I can fit loads in it!

    Congratulations on your First Bbag:yahoo:
  6. I love the FIRST size... I've never seen a PURSE - but the FIRST can fit a lot in it!!! CONGRATS on your very first B-Bag!!!!
  7. Congrats on your first Bbag ... love the grey! I'm not too picky ... love the first and purse!
  8. congrats.....
    i have both first and purse. like em equally....
    i think you made a great choice choosing the first. it looks great on you....
  9. Great bag and color!:yahoo:
  10. congrats! great choice...
    regarding the first or purse, i guess it depends on what kinda of bag u need. i love both styles, if u need something more for goinf out at night or just simple shopping, get the first.
    the purse is better with girls who carry more things :p
  11. congrats, cheyenne!
    great first choice with the first/classique.
  12. yay i love the first its my favorite size :smile:
  13. Congrats for your First BBag!
    It looks really nice on you.

    Ohhh I also love the First, Purse, and Mini Bowling!!!
  14. Wooow, that's a gorgous bag! Congratulations!

    I am looking for my first bbag, and it'll be a first imo...I love purse style too, but will get it as my 2nd or 3d bbag imo ...;)
  15. looks really cute on you:yes: