Finally! My first bbag! :)

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  1. I finally got my first bbag! :love: It wasn't planned for - my friend wanted to go check out bbags & asked me to bring her shopping today but in the end I was the one who ended up spending! :roflmfao: I had been thinking about buying this exact bbag when I'm up in Europe this year but when I saw it today I just couldn't let go!! The leather is soft & supple, the colour exactly like how I'd imagined it to be.. it didn't hurt that I had not one, but two (my bf) enablers!

    Now I'm feeling the hole in my bank account & I'm still a bit shocked that I actually finally bought one but there's a lot of love for this baby of mine. Enjoy the pics!
  2. What is it? Where is it? :P
  3. coming coming!
    i'm uploading them now
  4. I wasn't really able to capture how vivid the true 'pop' of the colour but it's really a lot more electrifying in person!

  5. Oops.. the pictures are a lot bigger than I imagined they would be!
  6. Gorgeous electric blue first.
  7. Gorgeous, congrats!! As for pictures, they're great!! I love BIG pictures of Bbags!! :tup:
  8. The pictures aren't too big. They are lovely, they show off the gorgeous leather :drool:

    Congrats on your EB First... it's a beauty :love: I am always impressed when I go to NM and check out this color IRL. It's just a stunner, and the leather is always fabulous. Congrats!!! :jammin:
  9. Gorgeous! Congrats on your first bbag!
  10. thanks! :smile:
  11. Congrats!!! Welcome aboard in Bbag-world!!!
  12. CONGRATS!!! I love EB, your First is just GORGEOUS!!!
  13. ooh, you got one! ;) congrats!
  14. I sure did! I asked Shu to text me when she gets any more blacks btw. Pity you couldn't make it down this afternoon... you could've been my third enabler! :lol:
  15. I so love eb! Congrats on your first Bal bag.