FINALLY!! My first Balenciaga!

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  1. I made this post back in the fall about having to wait to buy a Balenciaga:

    Well... the time finally came! I graduated university a month ago, and today I purchased my first BBag- a S/S '09 Black City. I am so excited! :yahoo:

    I had to run errands after work and I took my new BBag with me. I took a couple photos when I got home. They aren't great (poor lighting in my room) but it's raining outside right now.

    I know you all have seen black BBags before, but bear with me because I'm so happy!

    With flash:


    Without flash:

  2. what a GORGEOUS and CLASSIC bag. congrats!!
  3. Congrats on your 1st BBag !! I am sure that won't be your last, right !!!! Heard from the other Pfers that S/S 09 have great leather !!! Enjoy !!!! :biggrin:
  4. Congrats on your first Bbag!!! Great choice. A classic is always a must. Have fun on using it everywhere you go! This wont be your last.
  5. Congrats!! You are so lucky to be able to grab a S/S 09 black City!!
  6. Congrats on graduating! And also congrats on your lovely bag!
    I think it is fantastic and responsible that even tho you really wanted a new BBag last year, you waited for a whole year, you worked hard, and you earned it! :biggrin:
    Good for you! ;)
    IT SURE HAS SOME YUMMY LEATHER. :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  8. Congratulations! Your bag is gorgeous....fabulous leather! We've seen black City bags before but I've never seen one more beautiful than yours! Enjoy! :happydance:
  9. congrats on your first bal.. you picked a classic!
  10. Congratulations! Your bag is GORGEOUS and a great choice for your first bbag.
  11. ringing-phone - double congratulations! :hugs: finally done with school, you so deserve such a beautiful present for yourself. Your black city is a classic and timeless bag.
    Do you happen to be in Vancouver? ;) It's rainy today!!
  12. Congratulations! Welcome to Balenciaga! Love your City, it looks great.
  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!:yahoo: IMO a Black City is the perfect bag! The leather on yours looks FAB!!:love:
  14. Your first bag is absolutely beautiful--such a versatile choice, I'm sure you'll get tons of use out of it for many years! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Thank you everyone!

    I'm sure this won't be my last, I have my name on the list for Poupre! :graucho:

    I was worried about buying from Holt Renfrew because I've heard so many bad things about the leather on their bbags, but I'm sooo happy with this one!

    I'm sure the SA was amused when I inspected it to make sure it was perfect.:amuse:

    m-s-m-d: I'm in Calgary. It's been raining on/off since Saturday and I think it will continue for the rest of the week. It's Stampede time and it's supposed to be sunny!!