FINALLY - My first - and second LV items...

  1. After a long time of studying the sites for second hand LV's, I have finally found :heart: and purchased :upsidedown::wlae: my first two pieces.

    Introducing the Monogram Noé and Monogram Zipped Compact Wallet.

    A major reason for getting the Noé used, is that I find it much more beautiful with the patina.
    Hope you like them - I do anyway :dothewave:
    IMG_1487.JPG IMG_1492.JPG
  2. Yay congrats on your first bag!!! I know that it definitely wont be your last!!! The patina looks awesome on it!
  3. Congratulations! The patina is just gorgeous on your Noe, enjoy taking it out & about!
  4. yay, congrats on your first and second LV!
  5. congrats! I LOVE the look of the Noe with patina!
  6. Love it!!!
  7. Yay! :woohoo:

    Congrats on your 1st and 2nd LV .... they wont be your last.
  8. Congrats! The Noe sure does have beautiful patina!!! :tup:
  9. Beautiful!!! Congrats!
  10. Congrats! That noe is beautiful, the patina is a great color.
  11. me likey!!! congrats:tup: i :heart: patina as well.
  12. congrats, the patina is goregeous
  13. congrats ! love the patina !
  14. Congrats! I love the shape of the noe; it's so fab!
  15. Congrats!