Finally, My First (and 2nd) H Purchase!!! H Belt(s) !PICS!

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  1. I wanted so bad for my first Hermes purchase to be perfect, well it took actually two purchases to make it perfect...:shame:

    Short Version - Two New H Belts!

    Long Version and belt sizing education - Why 2 belts? Because of the crazy sizing - or perhaps my crazy sizing:cursing:!! In the store, I tried the belts on with jeans, and a 95 fit well (3rd hole). I thought two extra holes would make it work for my dress pants, boy was I wrong (and if you punch = no exchange). So I went in a few days later and tried on belts with dress pants and the 85 fit best (middle hole). I was so upset that I screwed everything up:crybaby:. So if you do the math (which I did obsessively in my head) having them cut the belt to a 90 should have been perfect, right? WRONG...90 fits but felt too short for jeans on bloated days and too loose for dress pants (aka more holes). So what did I do? :sweatdrop: Bought the 85 too, I justified this by getting another color, my favorite H color, Blue Jean! Oh, and another buckle without further adieu...

    May I Introduce to You...Ms. Black Box/Blue Jean in 85 for dress pants and Ms. Black Box/Gold in 95 (with now 5 holes) for low rise Jeans/Shorts:yahoo:

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  2. Ok, :lol: that was the best story ever! I loved it! Congrats on your belts-for-ever-occasion-including-but-not-limited-to: Bloating, work pants, jeans and everything in between!:roflmfao:
  3. lol...don't shop for belts when you are bloated!

    after I wrote this story I just realized I could have just punched a 6th hole in the 95, but then there would be too much slack on the other end with dress pants??? No incentive to keep a trim waist? And no blue jean? Gosh this saga is continuing in real time!:wtf::roflmfao:

    I thought Freakin math problems would be overwith by this time in my life!
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:You are too funny!!( I can't even type I'm laughing so haRD!)
  5. Oopps!:lol:
  6. bloated=1 hole over to the left
  7. LOL... men would never understand all the things we go through...:P
    Congrats... the H buckles are beautiful!:tup:
  8. This combo is awesome with Khaki pants, Black Tank, Black Blazer, Killer Black Patent Heels...and a bag with shiny gold hardware mixes well!

  9. Men don't have this problem at all. One belt, 2nd hole for jeans, 3rd for dress pants (maybe)=Done.
  10. Well I can't wait to see some action pictures! That^^^ sounds like a great combo! :tup:
  11. Classic Combo...Crisp White Shirt, Black Pants, Pearls, and my gold H buckle:heart::yes: and of course Killer Heels!

  12. No birkin yet...would my Balenciaga Work and LV Cabas Mezzo be welcomed in modeling shots in the Hermes forum?
  13. Congrats on your 2 belts!!! Love your story too...:roflmfao:
  14. My 95 is getting real jealous of my I will give her (and her holes) the spotlight! Vintage T-Shirt, Jeans, Boots, black or blue jean birkin someday...
  15. Two is better than one, right? :biggrin: Congrats!