finally my favorite wallet - Clara

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  1. Hi Hotties, I found THE wallet. I really LOVE it. It is a bit heavy even empty, but it looks and feels sooooo GREAT

    here it is with other goodies in my bag:

    Hayden Harnett Clara wallet
    Prada coin purse as cosmetic bag
    YSL Y-mail coin purse as card case
    silver hooks bag hanger
    silver hooks cell phone hook for bag

  2. Gorgeous Vesna!!! I had that wallet before and it's in fact so beautiful!!
  3. Vesna, congrats! I have that wallet too and love it :heart: It's beautiful. I agree that it's heavy. That clasp packs on some poundage.

    The silver hooks things are cool too!
  4. thanks, I am really in love with the colors, leather, clasp :biggrin:
  5. true, heavy, but sooooo pretty, I do not mind at all, I feel so great when I take it out and open :heart:
  6. vesna- that clara wallet looks so lovely and scrumptious.

    Also, I've never heard of silver hooks before and now that I have looked them up, I am totally intrigued! I love being tipped off about products that I've never heard of before on here :smile:
  7. oooh, go to their website, you will be surprised by amazing products they hook is fordable and looks round (above phone on my pics. You spread it and hang the bag on the table in the restaurant :biggrin:
  8. I love the Clara wallets and have a total crush on your YSL coin purse! :love:
  9. they look like nifty things! :biggrin:
  10. LOVE your clara and your prada coin purse.
  11. SO glad you're rocking the HH wallets, Vesna!!! They're the BEST around!!!
  12. Beautiful! I have the yam and would love to get the BZ as well. The clara is a winner of a wallet!!
    The only wallet I like better is the lido wallet. For me the clara beats even the classic clutch wallet.
    The colors of everything look really great together, btw. Your purple razr is so cute!
  13. Lovely, Vesna! The Clara is beautiful. I love your Prada coin purse -- pretty large coin purse-- and your YSL, too! What is the difference between the purse hook and cell phone purse hook?
  14. thanks everyone !!!!!!!!!

  15. hey kdo :biggrin:

    purse hook mounts on the table and you hang your purse. That is the round thingy above my phone on the photograph, expands and makes into a hook. Phone hook you tie on your phone and hang on the rim of your bag so that the part with the phone hangs inside. Instead of ringing forever while I am frantically going through my stuff finding phone, now, I just grab the hook, and get the phone. I will post pics in a minute.