Finally, my ever 1st Louis Vuitton baby.. welcome to my reveal..

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  1. I'm in Hawaii for vacation as I draft this post! Hello from Honolulu, HI TPFers! :coolio:

    I will admit, my mom most definitely had something to do with her daughter's fascination to designer handbags, haha. I started my handbag collecting journey along with joining TPF back in 2008, but my 1st baby was a Miu Miu. I have a TON of Rebecca Minkoff in my collection, an Alexander Wang, Burberry, I have a PRADA card case, I HAD a patent LV card case once upon a time, then I started falling in love with Balenciaga.. but I never had eyes for Louis Vuitton much. My mom LOVES LV so you bet I've considered taking a few looks here and there before. But still, nothing ever really caught my eye until this beauty.. so hello ladies of TPF on the LV sub forum, welcome to my first reveal! :drinks:

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  2. Aloha to Honolulu :wave:
    Can’t wait to see what you purchased :smile:
  3. Show us your new beauty!!
  4. Can’t wait to see what you got
  5. :yahoo:happy for you! Lets see this beauty.
  6. Congrats on your 1st LV. Can't wait to see the beauty.
    Share the pics.
  7. What beauty did you get? Open open!
  8. Congratulations on your purchase! I'm excited to see what it is... :amuse:
  9. Can't wait to see!
  10. Artsy?
  11. Can't wait to see it. I purchased my first NEW LV yesterday. I have a Preloved one, but the feeling of a NEW LV is just awesome!!
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  12. I remember you from the Miu Miu forum long ago! Congratulations for whatever it is! :idea:
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  13. I wish I was in Hawaii right now!

    Can’t wait to see what you got!!
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  14. Hi Anna! Happy to see you in the LV forum. I've jumped the RM forum ship and spend most of my time in these parts :smile: Congrats!
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  15. I wanna seeeeeeee!!!
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