Finally my dream bag...REVEAL


Jan 5, 2009
thank you so much to all of the ladies on TPF for helping me make my decision. i couldn't be happier with my purchase. i wrote in my other thread that i had no clue as to whether i wanted a kelly or a birkin...or what leather, size, and color i wanted. i wanted something that i could use in my early 20s and even in my 40s and beyond hehe....after some advice and searching through pictures, i decided that i wanted a 35 gold birkin with GHW. i went to the h boutique almost everyday for two weeks just to check if i might get lucky. my mom thought i was crazy, but i so badly wanted one. i bought some scarves and accessories when i went in to check so it wouldn't be a complete waste of time. i waited for almost 2 weeks and my SA gave me some great news that she had it in the back. i was so happy i hugged her and thanked her. THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH!!! i love TPF. :yahoo:



Aug 17, 2008
Oh, my gosh. You got this in 2 weeks? This is a coveted bag. So beautiful. You are lucky indeed.