Finally my dream arrived: BI purse! But it's NOT love at first sight

  1. After a very long search and waiting-periode I finally got my 'dream bag' - the Blue India Purse - today :yahoo: !!
    But . . . it's NOT love at first sight, unfortunately :sad: . The leather is stiff, veiny and shiny (IMO) ... I don't like this.
    But maybe it's only me .... maybe I'm too 'spoilted' from my other, mostly 'older' bbags with the smooth leathers :shrugs: !?
    What do you mean guys . . . should I try to treat this purse with LMB products for to get the leather matter and smoothier ? Or should I sell it and start to search another one :confused1: ???

    I've made some first pictures with flash b/c it's already evening without daylight anymore:

    124-2424_IMG.JPG 124-2425_IMG.JPG 124-2426_IMG.JPG
  2. Oh, I'm sorry! Yeah, can see what you mean in the pics but it doesn't look too bad. My BI rivals some of my older bags in that it's smooth and relaxed and there are absolutely no veins. I'm a nervous Nelly when it comes to treating bags but in this case I might try it. I'd think finding another one might be tough at this point. Good luck!
  3. I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed but I think it looks gorgeous. I would use apple care conditioner (not LMB) and use it a few times to break it in. After all you're searching, I think you should give it a chance.
  4. awww.. that's gotta be a horrible feeling.. the anticipation and the hunting and hunting and FINALLY getting it and now being blown away and absolutely giddy about it. :sad:

    On the one hand - I'd say just resell since it's not exactly what you want.. but it may be another long long search to find another one and what if that one isn't as good as this one or you feel has the same issues?

    I dunno what to advise...
  5. I love it....I'd think finding another one might be tough at this point. Good luck!!
  6. Oh no:crybaby:

    I am so sorry it was not love at first sight! I know how much you wanted a BI Purse.
  7. I'm sorry... it sucks that the bag turned out nothing like you anticipated =( But honestly, I love Balenciaga City bag and this color is so unique and pretty =) Spring is here and I actually like that it's a bit shiny and not smooth b/c of the color! I really like it =)
  8. Awww, sorry "E" that you are not happy with it.:sad: I know how tough it is to buy some thing unseen and be dissapointed but it looks really pretty and may be in time with use the leather will get softer.:shrugs: I personally don't like to use any thing on my bags but listen to your heart and do what makes you happy.:smile: Good luck and big hugs.:heart:
  9. I feel so sorry....BI is a such beautifull colors.
  10. FC,
    Can't your return it? Aren't you still within the time period where you can return it? I would say wait. I bought two bags that I didn't love. One was veiny and shiney and one was way matte and dry. I say wait if you don't love it. There are so many other bags out there.
  11. oh no! :sad: i'm sorry you're not in love. but your bag looks gorgeous from the pictures! maybe you can try conditioners. i've had bags that started out dry and stiffer looking, but after the breaking in period, turned super soft/fluffy...
    but if you end up returning, i hope you'll find another perfect one very very soon!

  12. I agree. I think you need to break it in. But I understand if you don't want to for the risk of it still not turning out the way you want it. The color looks beautiful and with some conditioning, it could become nice and supple. Good luck!
  13. Aww sorry to hear that. Personally I think it looks gooooorgeous!!! :yahoo: You can almost hear the ocean waves ... I don't think it's too veiny at all and if you want matte, use the LMB bag protection and moisturizer! I say congrats anyway and hope it will be love at second sight!!
  14. I would try AG first. I hate the smell of the LMB products
  15. Its such a rare color and style combination that I wouldn't count on finding another one. In all honesty, I've had bags that started out with less than ideal leather, but they do break in nicely. I use appleguard on my bags - which doesn't interfere with its shine or feel, just makes it softer. Maybe you can hang onto this one and use it for awhile and if another one happens to come along, you can sell it and buy the new one.