Finally!! My Dh is taking me to LV in the next couple of weeks!!!!

  1. After dropping many hints at how much I desperately "need" a summer bag - - my husband told me tonight to get a sitter one of these weekend nights and we will go into the city for dinner and then to my favorite store of all time....LV in Copley. Yay!! Problem is we are busy this weekend and it will be another couple of weeks before we get there. I will keep you posted....
  2. Yay! What are you going to get?
  3. How fun, any hints as to what you might get?
  4. Hey, that's awesome!! My husband and me are going to Copley too! We are going on Sat. May 12th, on our way home from Maine.

    What are you going to get??
  5. I am not sure what I am going to get but I have the feeling he will be in one of those "get whatever you want" moods. (IE we will have had quite a few cocktails at dinner...get my drift?) I am thinking the neo speedy or something in azur....won't know until I go and play!

  6. We will probably go the following weekend - we have a high school reunion the weekend you are going (yawn).
  7. Fantastic news!!! I hope you enjoy your day and go home with a wonderful new LV! How exciting!
  8. Maybe you can push to get a Denim Neo Speedy and the new Denim Cles! :nuts:
  9. omg, yay! mmm, so much to choose from. mc, azur....denim. I am gonna say denim neo speedy and maybe an inclusion bracelet or ring...hehehe. or the denim cles like john's so cute! i can't wait to see what you get, hehe. :heart:

  10. Ohhh John you enabler you! Good idea - I can't wait to check the new denim accessories out!
  11. oh how i miss boston. hope you have fun, ann :smile: a night out in copley sounds awesome.
  12. Aww. How nice of him, have fun and keep us posted!
  13. must be on cloud 9 right now. You've been lusting after that denim speedy for a while...I wonder if that's what you'll get! I can't wait-I'm so excited for you!!! woo hoo!!! :smile:
  14. Have a great time what a sweety dh!
  15. sounds like fun!!