Finally my custom made diamond necklace!!*pics*

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  1. Hey girls..after looking at your pictures i felt in love with DBTY and i decide to get one custom made..
    Hope you like it!






  2. Very pretty! Enjoy your piece.
  3. That is gorgeous, and it's a great size! May I ask who made it for you? It looks like they do great work!
  4.'s our family's jeweler..a well known person friend of us!!..(i live in italy)
    In real life is better and better!! is very sparkle!!..these pics were taken under artificial light..tomorrow i'll take better pics!!..

    FYI i'm 1.75 cm tall and my finger is a size 7

    ..this is a great size for sure!!..not too big not too small..something to wear alone and be noticed!! ;) that is what i was looking around for a long time!! ;)
  5. Thank you a lot!!!!!
  6. it looks like the perfect size on you! congrats :biggrin:
  7. It looks beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Very pretty!
  9. :love: Beautiful
  10. Very pretty!
  11. It looks lovely on you! Love the more substantial chain, makes it look very modern. Is it white gold may I ask? The chain seems to shine beautifully, complementing your gorgeous diamond!
  12. if its made in italy its great !!! lol
  13. It's beautiful! Looks perfect on you...congrats!
  14. Very nice, congrats on your new necklace !
  15. Great carat weight and length!