Finally my collection, please come say nice things :)

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  1. finally i had the chance to get them out of the closet and take a group picture!! it took me forever to arrange the position of the bags:sweatdrop: but i'm so glad and excited to have the pic posted :yahoo: they might not be as spectacular as most of u ladies' collection but they are my beloved babies:heart: , so here goes......

    ps. some of the bags are not in the pic since they are at other place of i'll update the pic soon (i hope)

    thanks in advance for your kind words:love:

    Attached Files:

  2. Beautiful collection
  3. Gorgeous collection :love:
  4. WOW lovees it!!!!! amazing!
  5. Gorgeous collection! I love all the pouchettes!
  6. Love it! Good job on the pics. You have a nice variety of colors and styles. How do you ever decide which bag to carry?!
  7. wow wow, it took me like 5 minutes to look at each individual LV ahah.. love it all! keep up the good work
  8. ooh i spot a cozy purse! how do ya like it?
  9. OMG!!!!!!!!! You have the greatest collection!!!!!!!!! I love that LV white mc pouch/coin purse~ don't know what it's called! I almost bought it!!!

    I want to jump in and grab the bags!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. great purses you got there~~~
  11. lovely collection
  12. Omg! :nuts: :heart:
  13. Awesome collection you have there Priscilla! Very colorful!! I really want your Globe Shopper!! TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. :biggrin:
  14. Wow.. love your pochette collection, and your collection in general ! :yes:
  15. Love it!!:love: Congrats!!:yes: