collection and recent purchases

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  1. Ok, I finally got all my CLs out of their boxes (while DH was napping) for a group shot and I realize I have a lot of black shoes! I think I need to edit but I :heart: them all!

    First, my recent purchases: Nude Clichy, Black Jolie, Red Patent VP, Bronze Python VP and Leopard Yoyo Zeppa. I'm currently waiting for my Glitter NP.


    Here are the two pairs I got with the help of my CL Angel (you know who you are :P).

    For anyone who is wondering how the red patent VP compare to the Wine Red Rolando. They are pretty similar just shade is just slightly off. I forgot which one was a bit darker.

    The money shot! Can you see I have too many pairs of black CLs? Do you guys think 3 pairs of VP are too much? I'm pre-ordered the Patent Black w/ VP and I'm hoping to get Nude VP also.

    :nuts: Don't kill me but this was what is looked like when I took them out of the box and gently put them in a pile! LOL!

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  2. Wow!! :nuts:

    What a wonderful collection. :drool:
  3. Amazing collection.
  4. Wow- what an amazing collection! Your newest additions are all gorgeous!

    The last photo makes me cringe LOL!
  5. WOW soooo pretty! and :roflmfao: to your CL 'pile'
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

    LOL! No CLs were hurt during the photoshoot! :flowers:
  7. OMG Javaboo - you have the best taste :tup: And you can never, never have too many black CLs :nogood:
  8. :drool:Good gravy what a collection:woohoo:!!!! Makes me hate that I can't wear heels!:crybaby:
  9. Great collection! I love the bronze VPs (aren't they fabolous - can't wait to wear them) and the red VPs. I don't think 3 VPs are too much. Now I probably would focus on a little color for spring - or some more great neutrals. I don't wear black shoes that often so to me that looks like an awful lot!!!
  10. java - super lovely collection !... enjoy all of them :yahoo:
  11. Your collection is so gorgeous. :drool: And I don't think you can have too many pairs of black shoes. They go with pretty much everything. But your red ones are all just TDF.
  12. Whattttt! I'll take years to have the number of CLs like that! Love your nude Clichys and the bronze and red VPs!!! :love:
  13. Wow beautiful collection! How long have you been buying CL's?
  14. OOOH stunning! all of them! love the new pairs esp the bronze vps! but you need some color girl! something fun like yellow or green or blue! or something!
  15. Beautiful collection. Love them all!