Finally my BIG box arrived today, i know it's a late reveal !!

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  1. Finally, I received my parcel! I think i'm the LAST one who received the sales bag from Mulberry private sales..
    But, I'm so happy now !!! :yahoo:

  2. and whats inside ???
  3. It's so unique, light weight and my Oak Bays have a sister now!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Love that - so unusual and timeless!
  5. Here's my SiSTeR Bayswater.. I love them soooo much! (Denim & Oak Bays) :biggrin:

  6. They really make a super pair!
  7. Thanks Snowshoe & Jenova! I never know the Denim bays looks so beautiful, my local boutique didn't bring in this Denim bayswater.. :P
  8. Thanks! :smile:

    Btw, i love your avatar and your cat looks so cute!! :nuts:
  9. loving them both wow looks great xxx
  10. Congrats, they look perfect together! I love the denim Bays, it is super cute, so summery and unique...
  11. Wow thats really pretty and such a striking bag. Looks lovely next to your Oak Bays too.
  12. Beautiful bays , my favs !
  13. Great summer bag - congrats!!
  14. Gorgeous pair of bays you have there!!!
  15. Very nice, both of them! :biggrin: