FINALLY!! My beeeautiful bag arrived today..

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  1. My first Bbag just arrived! Wonderful PFer citychris sold me this beauty and it arrived today:yahoo:

    It amazes me how light the bag is and the softness of the leather is incredible!:love: It also smells wonderful, like a mix of leather and vanilla. I think it has been treated with LMB lotion, I'm gonna continue using it so hopefully the scent will last!! Any other ideas of how to treat the beauty?

    What do you think gals? A keeper, isn't it?:P

    I've tried taking pictures in different lightings so that you can see the smooshiness of the leather, it's really something!! Oh, and sorry about the pic of me wearing the bag. I didn't realize I'd spilled something on my pants and then I was too lazy to take more pictures:shame:
  2. I don't see any pics, but congrats Bag!! :yahoo: I remember that '05 city you won. It's such a beauty!
  3. Oooooh let's see, let's seeeeee!!!
  4. Congrats :yahoo: what is it where are the pics?
  5. Congrats:yahoo:pics please.:smile:
  6. ooooh! Congrats - can't wait to see the pics!

    My first bbag ever should be coming in this week too so I know how excited you must be!!
  7. Sorry! I'm having problems posting the pictures:confused1:

    I will try to post them later, it doesn't seem to work right now:shrugs:
  8. COGRATS bag1234 and jadecee on your very first Bbags!!!!!
  9. Congrats on your 1st bbag ! There'll be more to come :upsidedown:
  10. Here are the pictures!!!

    Attached Files:

  11. Love it! My first Bbag was a black'll use it ALL the time! ENJOY!
  12. Gorgeous! A classic you can use forever!!! Congrats!
  13. It looks amazing on you -- enjoy!
  14. GORGEOUS black city!!!! LOVE that 05 leather!! The bag looks great and it looks amazing on you! You wear it really well!

    heeheee... you make me want to pick up my package NOW!!! Unfortunately my post office closes at 6pm today and there's no way I can get off work in time to get it... which means I might have to wait until THURSDAY when it finally stays open til 9pm at night..

    till then... I'll be just living vicariously through excitement for your first bbag! YAAAYY!! Congrats!!
  15. It's beautiful, and it looks fabulous on you! May this be the first of many!