Finally my Bbag family

  1. So I finally had a chance to pull out the camera and take some shots of my new Bbag family. The only one missing is my White First that I should receive next Tuesday. Sorry about the lighting.

    04' Rose Twiggy
    05' Magenta First
    06' Ink Twiggy
    06' Cornflower Twiggy
    06 Pale Rose Hobo
    06 Black City
    Bbags1.jpg Bbags2.jpg Bbags3.jpg Bbags4.jpg Bbags5.jpg Bbags6.jpg
  2. the family photo is GORGEOUS, the colors look absolutely beautiful together -- what a family! ;) :heart:
  3. Thanks Mimi, I am in :love: with them :yes:
  4. Lovely collection!!!
  5. finally, we get to see the family! they're gorgeous! yummy leather!
  6. Thanks guys!
  7. I love love love your collection!!!
  8. Thanks Janice :yes:
  9. That's one gorgeous family! Thanks for posting the pics.
  10. Bee-you-ti-full!!! Especially love, love, love, the rose twiggy!!! The magenta first is quite nice too.
  11. Yea the Rose is my Fav. :smile:
  12. To.die.for.
  13. WOW .... what a gorgeous family :heart: CONGRATS giggles - enjoy it :flowers:
  14. 4 from '06! You've been doing some shopping this year,huh? and it's only May!!
  15. Lol yes I have been shopping :smile: