Finally!! My Bag Showcase!!

  1. My bag showcase is posted below! :nuts:
  2. Second time around! Enjoy
    After been part of this GREAT forum for more than a year, I decided to post my bag showcase. Most of these purchases were after joining the Purse Forum, of course!!!! Enjoy!!:yahoo:
    Las Vuitton's (LV's):
    Las Gucci's:
    Prada, Chloé and Dior: I bought the Prada and the Chloé last month. That caused the Bag Ban!!:crybaby:
    Tous: Tous is a brand from Spain that has a couple of boutiques in the U.S.. One of them is in Orlando, FL. Their main motif is the Bears. They caused a sensation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, two years ago.
    Other Bags and Rio the Himmie:Isabella Fiore, Banana Republic and BCBG:
    Enjoy and comments are more than welcome!!
  3. I fixed it for ya!
  4. Your kitty is so cute in the last pic! Love the denim pleaty-one of my favorite bags!
  5. Thank you veery much!!
  6. Awesome collection! Cute kitty too! :smile:
  7. Great versatile collection!
  8. Oooooo love your Gucci evening clutch.
  9. Lovely collection, great LVs.
  10. Great collection, thanks for sharing!:yahoo:
  11. Thanks for all the compliments!!
  12. Very drool-worthy :drool: Thanks for sharing with us!
  13. great collection!
    thanx for sharing! :yes:
  14. Great collection! Your kitty is so cute. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Thanks girls!!