finally my bag is on ebay

  1. I have wanted a sold out bag for months.. I had given up and bought a couple of other bags this month..helped my daughter with some dental work and for now..out of extra spending cash. and what do I find today my bag I could just die grrrr does this ever happen to you guys.:crybaby: :wtf: :sad: man and its a buy it now boo hooooo
  2. Oh, that's horrible! I feel your pain, i'm so sorry. Maybe you could negotiate with the seller for a lower price.
  3. Im sorry to hear this. Seems like it always happens that way. Which bag is it your dying for?
  4. I am probably the worst person to comment on a situation like this because I have no self control. :shame:
    If a bag I was dying for came up on eBay for a good price I'd probably get it no matter what. I really applaud your self discipline! I am sure that another one will come up sooner or later! :yes:
  5. well im afraid to say since its a buy it now its full price..Why couldn't it be after my next payday but I know it will be gone by then. I wonder is it possible they went to the outlets and there will be more?? so far only one on eBay and I did a completed search and they were none. its even higher because it comes with a wallet too grrrrrrrrrr:hysteric:
  6. Which one is it??/
  7. We might be able to help you and give you more information if you tell us what bag it is. :yes:
  8. Oh gosh... but what if im not the only one here who would kill for it lol..I guess if one of you get it..its not ment to be for me.... its a gold signature shoulder tote:crybaby: :hrmm:
  9. which one???
    about 3 months ago i was looking for a signature tote with gold trim....actually two different gold python trim and the other a metalic trim..... but both khaki sig. .and i was able to call JAX and order both...after someone here helped me with style #'s
    good luck!!!!!
  10. i think you should hold out on it! i think another tpf member just got one for cheaper than retail...

    and besides if someone else wanted the bag they would search on eBay as well and bid on it
  11. It's very cute if it's the one I found. I like it. I'm still in love with the Legacy though.
  12. That has totally happened to me! I just watched a bag that I've really wanted end today on ebay for cheap :sad: Oh well, at least it is widely available and I know I can get it later. Good luck with your bag though, I hope it works out for you.