Finally: my Baby Mousse Paddy!

  1. So, here she is, just as pretty as I hoped she would be. I was kind of worried that the lock might look strange, but I find it really cute with the oversize padlock on this tiny bag. And - being so small, she is not heavy at all.

    BabyMousse.JPG BabyMousse2.JPG BMarm.JPG BMshoulder.JPG
  2. I love it :love: :love:

    Enjoy it - it looks real good on you too.
  3. She's beautiful! So cute and looks just fabulous on you!
  4. vicky that is absolutely darling! Looks great on you - enjoy!
  5. The mini is a better size than the regular. The color is beautiful and looks great on you.
  6. hi great bag you want to laugh i just came home with the same one ,but one size bigger
    i hope you you enjoy your bag good choice
  7. omg vicky i'm sosososo jealous right now, you have my dream bag :sad2:.......if i lived in europe i'd be all over it-it looks amazing on you :P
  8. cute
  9. how tiny and cute~
  10. Love it! I especially like how you're tiny enough that you can wear it over the shoulder. It reeeeeeally looks great on you!!
  11. I love it! I need a new small bag.
  12. HeHeHe! How cute is that? I like the big lock on the small bag! :biggrin:
  13. where can you buy a baby mousse?
  14. The mini satchels sure are cute! Congrats! Great color:biggrin:
  15. love the color and the size! it's so cute on you!!
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