Finally, My Anthracite Nimbus GM =)

  1. Okay, these pics are going to be a total tease, but it's not my fault. I have been waiting all day to post pictures. I got the bag around 2pm, but the in-laws decided they wanted our company to go shopping and treat us to dinner, darn them! lol So the minute I got home, I grabbed the camera...only to have it die on me after just 3 shots! Urgh! But I promise to have more pics (including modeling pics) as soon as my camera is charged!!!
    Nimbus 010 467x350.jpg Nimbus 009 467x350.jpg Nimbus 011 467x350.jpg
  2. GORGY!

    Wish one of you two had gotten a PM just to take modeling pics with, LOL
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!
  4. Stunning just stunning!!
  5. Wow,
    It's beautiful.
    Congrats on being one of the first here to get that lovely bag !!!!!!
    Great Color !!!!!!
  6. Gorgeous...can't wait for modelling pics!!!!
  7. Congrats, the color is beautiful!

    congrats Eleni!!!!:heart::dothewave::party::dothewave: laws.......i tell ya........LOL
  9. and i forgot to say.........darn woman!!!! i've waited and waited alllllllllllll dayyyyyyyy!!!!! at 1pm i thought.....oh, she's proberbly at the
  10. Beautiful!! Congrats!!!
  11. Hooray!!! We are twinsies!! Congratulations on yours!! Isn't this just one gorgeous bag???!!!! I love it!!
  12. congrats !
  13. Wow...gorgeous bag!

  14. Fab! I love it congrats to you!!!!!:yahoo:
  15. i love, love, love this... congrats