Finally - my 2 new editions

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  1. Here they are, Oak/Choc Phoebe and Gorgeous Vintage Oak Bays

    I have carried them both now and really love them.

    Black Mabel
    Black Poppy Satchel
    Miu Miu Bow Satchel

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  2. Congrats Tiree on your lovely bags! The patina on your Bays looks fab!!!
  3. and more

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  4. Yes it is, I really love it. It so slouchy.

    Choc Bays is definately going to go now I am afraid
  5. ^^I bet you'll use oak Bays more though! If it makes you feel better, my choc Bays is going too!
  6. ^^ I noticed that. I'll need to watch it and see how it goes.
  7. Tiree they are gorgeous. I love your oak bays it is fab.
  8. Thanks Rascal
  9. Gorgeous bags Tiree, congratulations!!!
  10. I really love that Bays, well done! :yes:
  11. Congrats, they are lovely. Great patina on the oak bays, it looks so nice and soft.
  12. Thanks for all your advice and enabling BC. You helped me make a great choice.
  13. Both look gorgeous on you - I do love a well used Oak Bays, it just looks so slouchy and lovely! :tup:
  14. Both are gorgeous!!! love that phoebe!
  15. Wow Tiree, their both really lovely, but bays is gorg!!! :drool::drool: