Finally -- My 1st visit to Chanel boutique

  1. Finally got to visit the Chanel boutique in person while I'm visiting Toronto this week. I've been looking for color flaps. As most of you know that there'll be lots of colors in the coming Spring 2008, so I asked for waiting list. But I was told they don't know what they are getting, they don't know what color Chanel will actually make for spring, & no waiting list at this time. What I can do is to leave my name & contact info & just wait for SA to call/e-mail me back. But I'm from a place where there's no Chanel at all. :crybaby:I've no way to get to the boutique later in person. So, Ladies, please fill me in when they are going to order/receive the bags. I'm feeling :confused1:

    BTW, this is my very first time to go into a Chanel boutique. (REALLY! I got my 1st reissue via phone) So today I got a chance to try on the small/medium/jumbo classic flaps. I had this funny feeling. I always dream about the lamb, but somehow I like the carvier leather more IRL. But still, I LOVE my reissue leather more. As for the chain, I'm very surprised that the classic interwoven chain is so LIGHT! I guess I'm too used to my reissue heavy chain :p Another thing, all bags are so much smaller IRL than what I'd been seeing in pictures. I guess Jumbo is no longer JUMBO for me. :graucho:
  2. how was your experience at the boutique?
  3. ^Which Chanel boutique are you going to? Different boutiques order different things, so what one boutique has another boutique might now.

    For instance, the Hawaii Ala Moana Chanel never ordered the timeless clutch in white. *shrug* or at least that's what they told me.
  4. ^ ditto on that jumbo is no longer a jumbo for you! i have the reissue 227 and now my jumbo feels only slightly larger! is that supposed to be the 'jumbo'? lol i don't feel like the jumbo is 'jumbo' enough! ;)