Finally, my 1st Spring 08 Bbag - Electric Blue Courier!

  1. Finally, went down to Bal SG today to try out the Courier bag and i love it! :yahoo:
    They had Vert Fonce, Vert Thyme and Electric Blue!
    Of the 3, EB looks best on me. So here she is....... Electric Blue Courier!
    Sorry for the bad lighting...too excited to wait till morning to take pictures. :p

    Balenciaga EB Courier4.JPG Balenciaga EB Courier5.JPG
  2. Amazing color.
    Congrats and enjoy!
  3. OMG your new bag is gorgeous!!!!
  4. Ok, 2 more pictures in different lighting.
    The color really changes in different light.
    oops, pictures too big.

    Balenciaga EB Courier2Copying.JPG Balenciaga EB Courier1Copying.JPG
  5. CONGRATS!!! Love your Courier!
  6. Oooo, nice. Anything in EB's nice. Congrats.:yahoo:
  7. Thank you shamrock, voodoo and pinkboudoir! :smile:
  8. Thanks sparkle!
  9. Gorgeous !! Congrats, it's such an awesome bag ! :yes:
  10. Absolutely stunning! Congrats!! Love the style, love the color!:tup:
  11. gorgey! :heart: ~ great pics!
  12. looks good! model for us! congrats!
  13. Just awesome! ;)
  14. gorgeous! EB looks great in that size :yes: :yahoo:
  15. HOT BAG! :heart: Definitely not your everyday messenger. EB is so eye-catching...