Finally..My 1st Reveal!!!!

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  1. I just got home so I'll post my MOD pics tomorrow and some things I forgot.
  2. What a great collection! Love them all!
  3. That scarf is soooooo cute! I might have to track one of those down.
  4. Wow! Those are some fantastic goodies! Twins on the Pinky and Purple Croc wristlets. Enjoy all your beautiful items!
  5. Holy moly lady, you really went all out! :biggrin:

    I have a HUGE love of wristlets too. LOVE your buys. Congrats! :smile:
  6. wow, Love your collection, especially teal brynne. Love it.
    I LOVVVEEE teal Brynne, so gorgeous! Cant wait to get my graphite Brynne.