Finally..My 1st Reveal!!!!

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  1. Wow!! Great buys!!! Is that a large or small maggie?
  2. Oh! I absolutely LOVE this reveal. How do I go about posting my own?
  3. Aurora is right by Cleveland
  4. All great stuff. Congratulations!
  5. WOW, you hit the jackpot!! Beautiful goodies.
  6. Wow, BuckeyeBabe, you went to TOWN! Everything is gorgeous, especially the Brynne and the croc Audrey and wallet. Congrats and looking forward to seeing your mod shots.

  7. Loved loved everything! Thanks for sharing.
  8. cute! you got a lot of stuff!
  9. Lots of goodies! LOVE your Brynne and Audrey!

  10. awesome hauls, so fab

    love the croc audrey the best

    congrat and enjoy time of a happy dance:yahoo:
  11. Great Finds!!!
    Congrats!!!! The Black Croc Maggie and matching wallet is very nice!!!
    I also like the Purple Croc wristlet!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  12. Congrats, love them.
  13. Love your Brynne! Great stuff!
  14. Fantastic Purchases! I'd love to get my hands on the Black Croc Maggie and Pepper Universal Case!
  15. Wow, you got some really great things! My favorites are the Teal Brynne and the Croc Audrey. I just love these two bags. Congrats on finding so many beauties!