Finally my 1st LV in Damier Pap 30!

  1. I was never an LV fan coz I thought that there was just to many fakes out there, till I saw my friends mom with a very old alma the patina was very dark brown but looked so beautiful!
    So I checked the site and fell inlove with the popincourt haut. My DH who is clueless with purses tried to surprise me with it but got it from Sara's purse or somtin like that...
    when he gave it to me I knew right away that it was a fake :yucky:
    did not know how to tell him at first but I had to plus he also doesn't like anything fake. He was so upset with the site.
    The next day he took me to an LV store, but instead of the PH I got the Pap30. :yes:
    I will still get the PH probably when my 1 & 2 yr old girls are older, when keeping the vachetta clean wont be impossible.:lol:
    I love this forum so much! thanks ladies!:flowers:
    lv3.jpg My 1st LV Papillon 30 Damier July 8, 2006 049.jpg My 1st LV Papillon 30 Damier July 8, 2006 046.jpg My 1st LV Papillon 30 Damier July 8, 2006 042.jpg
  2. isn't it a great bag? i got mine nearly a month ago and it's all i've been using ever since :yes:
  3. congrats! it's beautiful bag...
    i am sure you will wear it everywhere...

    your husband is so sweet tho, he tries to make you happy :smile:
  4. Its adorable!
  5. i have the papillon 30 as well, and i still love it to bits. but i hardly use the small papillon, it can't seemed to fit any of the things i want in it. nevertheless, congrats, you will definitely not regret getting it!
  6. It looks beautiful on you!! Congrats!! Your house looks gorgeous too BTW!!:love:
  7. Beautiful bag. Congrats!
  8. Don't you love that pap? It's such a great bag!! Congrats.
  9. Congrats! It's beautiful:love: :love: Your DH is soooo sweet (eventhough he bought a fake:Push:smile:.Definitely a good idea to wait till your girls are older before you get anything 'uncleanable':yes: :flowers:
  10. Thanks Yeux, when I saw you with the pap and you looked great with it, I knew I had to have it! ;)
  11. Lovely! Congrats!
  12. That's a beauty! Congrats!
  13. Love it!! Congrats!!!
  14. thank you ladies!:shame:
    getting to know all of you is just as addictive as the purses... if that makes any sence. ;)
  15. Such a pretty bag! Congrats!