~~Finally, Ms.Audrey has come into my life!!~~

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  1. So for any of you that have followed my posts recently, I've been obsessively trying to find my Periwinkle Audrey Satchel at the outlets. I had an opportunity once but she was flawed and missing her sleeper so I passed on her. So anyway this past weekend I stopped in at Nordstrom to see if they had any in stock at full price or on sale. I was crushed when the SA told me she sold the last one that morning. She then proceeded to get a computerized list of any nordies that might have it. Well not only did she find one and have it shipped to me for free it was on sale for the same price as the outlets but brand new untouched with all its wrappings!:yahoo::yahoo: And even more amazing I got her in two days:yahoo: So I am proud to introduce my newest baby Audrey with her brand new coordinating ponytail scarf!
  2. Oh she's sooooo pretty! Congrats!
  3. cute! can we see a modeling shot
    it's perfect for spring
  4. Very pretty!!! We need modeling pics :smile:
  5. great color...love the scarf you chose! CONGRATS!
  6. Congratulations! What a great find. And I love your Family HG! I'm there, too!
  7. Gorgeous. I love Audrey shape
  8. flawless bag color is stunning and your family is beautiful!!!
  9. Oh I love audrey! I still have the NZ embroidery coming.... hopefully I will like her color. Your audrey is beautiful!

  10. Thank you ladies I really appreciate those type of compliments more than any bag!:biggrin: Modeling pics in five minutes
  11. Here are the pics ladies please forgive the quality and the diva shades, my eyebrows are a mess its 12:45 am haha!

    ~Here is the arm shot which she looks the best in!
    ~Here she is with her long strap which btw is ultra comfortable!
    ~This pic is to show that even on my tiny arm it is not meant to be worn on the shoulder lol
  12. congrats ! she's super cute!
  13. Looks so great on you!! Such a gorgeous color...
  14. Thanks everyone for the wonderful compliments!! So glad to share this with you ladies xoxo
  15. Gorgeous and nice stalking! Enjoy!