Finally "motorgueil" came in today!

  1. Just a few days after I got eve then came a phone call from my lovely SA... one montorgueil(mon-tor-gile) is how they call it...finally came in off I go to the boutique not having second thoughts getting her! it so light like the speedy! so soft and simple too... but I must confess I really had a hard time choosing bet the GM and the PM as usual.....coz ot the very small price difference....ended up choosing the pm coz I have my neverfull GM azur saleya gm plus speedy 35... plus the bigger the bag the more Vachetta you have to worry about right ladies???? so here she is.. my newly found baby... Monty...enjoy! hope this pics can help resolve any dillemas you have about the Montorgueil!:yahoo:
    Photo 7.jpg Photo 8.jpg
  2. Great choice, I think this bag and the Gallerina will both be very much in demand!!! Congratulations!
  3. Congrats!!!! JOin the montorgueil club!
  4. :smile:congrats!
  5. Lovely, congratz!!!
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. congrats.. That's a really nice bag!!:tup:
  8. very charming! I'm dying to have one.... Where you at in Manila? originally I'm from Cavite City:smile:
  9. congrats! That is a lovely bag!
  10. congrats and a good decision..:tup:
  11. congrats! i saw a friend with this a few weeks ago (early release in singapore) and it was gorgeous, i'm thinking about getting one for my mum.
  12. Congratulations.
  13. Congrats, nice bag :smile:
  14. Wonderful new bag. The PM looks great. I can see why you got it.
  15. how pretty! congrats. Is this LE or permanent?