finally! modeling pix of my baby paddy...

  1. sorry they took so long! not the best quality... and excuse the mess in the background.. i am being made to live in a hotel for 70 nights (not kidding!!) for work.. and i just discovered the usefulness of the inbuilt webcam on my mac hehe :smile:
    Photo 13.jpg Photo 17.jpg Photo 22.jpg
  2. :drool:Very cute. Hope you don't mind my asking why 70 nights?
  3. Congrats! It looks absolutely ravishing on you! And I used to be glued to the keyboard with this forum when I spent a couple of weeks in a hotel too so I know what you are going through. Seventy nights - sheesh!
  4. Beautiful!!! Congrats
  5. OMG! She's so adorable. She looks great on you!
  6. :tup: Very nice~ so cute!!! CONGRATS :woohoo:
  7. Gorgeous - looks fab on you!:drool:
    Hope your 70 night stay at the hotel goes ok!:heart:
  8. :nuts:woow it IS VERY CUTE . ialso have got 2 mini and the third one (the white is coming...) :yahoo:...sorry i can see exactly what is the colour of your bag?ANYWAY FABOLOUS!!!:okay:
  9. thanks everyone! it's a mastic 07!

    chinkyi23, i'm actually going to be a senior in college next year so i'm just interning for the summer. the company that i'm working for offered to put me up and ended up putting me in a hotel! but it's really close to the office so i'm not complaining!

    chloeglamour, which 3 did you get?? i can't wait to get my next one! :smile:
  10. wow great little bag!!!
  11. ohhh the mastic is the one i was looking for! you are so lucky... i bought a new 2007 blanc(it is a stark white) from a tpf member last week and i paid for it 800$ has been a great deal..i allready got a silver 2005 and a muscade (all babies because i prefer this size... i think it is more stylish)..anyway compliments for your bag!! where did you find it? i know this color is no longer in production....unfor:crybaby:tunately
  12. Its so adorable!! im loving it! i would get a baby paddy but i put too much rubbish in my bags!
  13. chloeglamour i bought it on eBay for around $800 too! baby paddies are soo hard to find :sad: do you have pix of your silver 05 somewhere? i'd love to see it! and muscade is gorgeous too. i'm dying for a baby paddy in argent and was so sad when i missed out on a great deal on eBay, but i'm still looking! i want something with silver hardware and would get nuage.. but i have so many offwhite bags i need some variety!
  14. mm m i want to take picture of all 3 toghether... (my little family!)but tomorrow i will take picture of my silver...for you... it is a great colour and i use it on evening(i bought mary jane miumiu in silver too!!;))...there is just a little problem with metallic colours...the color goes away after using it for a long time exp. on handles( but i found out a silver cream that i put on handles,)...
  15. ps did you buy the bag form hgbags? i saw it on ebay