Finally Mine!!!!!!!!

  1. For the longest time i have wanted a chloe python bag but never had the money to justify it...

    Then yesterday my local shop said they had a sale.. and there it was one peice hidden slightly.. i grabbed it and am ecstatic to say am SOOOO HAPPY WITH IT!!!!!!! ok it was still alot of money and put it all on my CC so will regret later im sure but for now am loving it!!! have posted pics to share with you all..

    let me know your thoughts (my bf yelled at me and told me its ugly so felt worse... but hes not very bright on bags.. i think he said it thinking i might return it...NEVER... yet teehee) :biggrin:

    python chloe.JPG python chloe1.JPG python chloe2.JPG
  2. Gorgeous! Congrats!!! BF will get over it, lol!
  3. thats a nice bag.. yeah, go ignore the bf, they don't know what they r saying..... enjoy it..
  4. absolutely gorgeous....guys dont know how to appreciate the finer things in life - Handbags.....hehehehehe
  5. Thanks guys.. ya i know he serectly thought it was great!!! haha.
  6. Beautiful! Congrats!
  7. its so pretty!!!
    guys dont know bags...for them, its the same as plastic bag!!!
  8. It's nice! Congrats on your purchase :smile:
  9. Congratulations, gorgeous bag! And pay no attention to ignorant comments from bf - just tell him how happy you are and ask him to share your joy, nomatter what he thinks about the bag.
  10. What a pretty bag!!! BF will grow to love it... he has no choice ;) It's gorgeous, and I think you should keep it, especially since it was on sale!
  11. Congrats! Pretty bag :heart: Tell the bf to zip it :P As long as you love it, that's what matters.
  12. Beautiful, beautiful bag, love the colors. Definetely keep it
  13. Congratulations on finding your dream bag!! And ignore the man:P .
  14. hahah! Ignore the man AND tell him to zip it = You guys are too funny! My DH does NOT appreciate my love of bags and he has no clue how $$$ they are. Thank God for this board!
  15. Congrats! Nice bag!