Finally, me and my Cabas

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  1. After 2 months of hiding, I finally took my Cabas out and about. Since I am never dressed up, I had my son take a picture of me before church.

    I must admit, I don't look bad for a 44 year old chick!:P


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  2. i love it, it looks great on you.
  3. It looks great on it! Congrats!:smile:
  4. You look hot! :smile:
  5. you look fabulous....
  6. You look great! I bet you received many compliments!
  7. I love the original cabas!! It looks really good on you, you should carry it everywhere it suits you, you carry it well!
  8. wow!!!great bag:yes:!!
  9. Love that bag and you look fantastic!
  10. Great bag! You don't look bad for a 24 year old chick, not to mention 44!
  11. Oh, love, love, love.
  12. You don't look 44 at ALL!!!
  13. That's one hot bag on one hot chick!
  14. um wow. you look amazing for 44
  15. Love wear it well!! Rock on sister!!