finally making my purchase

  1. ok, as many of you know have been cursed with buying fakes and not knowing, well a few months back I decided I was stopping looking for a deal and buying off elux, well I would have done it sooner but due to some problems I was unable to. I am buying my Pricilla, (yes i decided) today or tomorrow. I am leaning twords today but I need some help sence I can't go see how it looks can anyone with a Pricilla post a pic of them holding it for me please?
    I have lookedin the thread with visual aids but did not see any. I am getting the White MC, so please post a pic of the white MC one being held if possible.

    also how long does it take to get your stuff from elux?
  2. This doesn't even seem to be on elux right now........anyway, I think it's a cute bag, don't own one, but I've heard some owners say it's a little difficult to get in and out of.... Elux is pretty good, I've ordered items on a Saturday and received them on a Wednesday, I've also gotten free overnight shipping before and truly got the item overnight! I think right now with the free shipping you can opt for the express shipping for only $8 so if you really want it fast that's totally worth it!
  3. oh, I have not looked at it in a while, that's ok, I can call and order it from the LV

    and I am happy to say I have been reading up on spotting a fake!
  4. no replys yet! can anyone help!
  5. I am happy that you are ordering your bag. Let us know how you like it.
  6. I am excited for you. I hope you love it!!

    Its a nice looking bag but I've read (here, maybe try a forum search) that its hard to carry and use.
  7. im sooo happy for u
  8. Can't wait to see the pics..I am glad you finally will take a plunge to buy from the right resource.
  9. i see that you have a baby? maybe the priscilla wont be a good one to have for everyday use as it is a MC and has vachetta on it... but if you really really like it, go and get it! =)